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Coming Soon

In addition to our continous patch releases, we are introducing some of our own custom content. This content will not change the gameplay or feel of Lineage and will be contained to one custom map. Too often we have found the player base of Lineage 1 servers to be "bored", with "nothing to do". We decided to make an attempt to address this. As such, we would like to introduce you to the Lineage Arcade!

We have several mini-games we are working diligently on to help those lulls in PvP combat, and for the in-general periods where you just don't feel like you can grind anymore. Players will buy Arcade Tokens from the coin vendor, for 250,000 adena each. Every mini-game will require a specific amount of tokens to participate in. Depending on your performance in each game, you will receive a certain amount of Arcade Tickets (just like a real life arcade).

Our Arcade ranking board will show what pledge has earned the most points, and which players have done the most to help their pledge gain those ranks. We do plan to have a reward system for the highest scoring players each month, and these points will be removed at the end of every month to allow a fresh start. Take a look at the sneak peak videos below!

Some of the instanced games you will be seeing soon are:

  • Ranked Arcade Arenas 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5.
  • 1 vs Monster DeathMatch
  • 5 vs Monster DeathMatch
  • Pet Poly Race (1-2 players) against AI opponents
  • Several item collection/maze/random luck mini-games

There will be an Arcade Ticket Vendor who will sell you prizes (again, just like a real arcade) None of these prizes will be game-breaking items, but instead were instituted to help push along the server from an economical aspect, as we don't want players feeling stuck in the past.

Custom Events
It is entirely too easy to just have 2x events, and we feel that can be depressing when that is all you ever participate in. Below are a couple of customized events you will see heading your way in the near future.

  • Lineage Trading Card Games - When this event is active, specific monsters will have the opportunity to drop a Lineage Trading Card. The rates on these cards are not high, as is necessary to maintain a stable economy. You will find a Card Game Master, who is looking for specific sets of cards, and offers some very nice rewards for anyone lucky enough to complete a set. The Lineage Trading Cards will remain in the player's possesion even when the event is not active, and cards can be traded amongst the population so everyone can work towards the specific rewards they have their sights set on.
  • Monster Raid events As this is triggered, prepare for the swarm! There are precursors in place for players to work together globally with then intent to force-trigger. Once the pre-requisits are met, invasion follows! These monsters are not for the faint-hearted, and this is designed to require solid teamwork and organizational skills to result in success.

Continued Lineage Updates
We will be continuing the development to incrementally bring everyone the lineage updates that NA Live had, and more. We feel starting where we are, at the current l1j-en milestone, and adding in the linear updates will allow each and every player the chance to experience the new content without being overloaded by a significant jump into the future! Some of the updates currently being worked on are as follows:

  • Tikal
  • FID Updates
  • Dragon Raids

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