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Understand the Feather Town update.

Feather System - General Info


In July 2007, Lineage produced a bonus for PC Room Previous Services for those playing in game rooms. Every 12 minutes, a Sacred Wing Feather would appear in a player's inventory. At L1Justice, due to our no pay, no donation policy, feathers will be obtained by hunting instead. We feel that your hard work should be rewarded instead of simply remaining online.

How do I get them?

Sacred Wing Feathers (feathers), when they drop, will drop from monsters (1-3 feathers at a time), anywhere except timed maps, instances, and event maps. This means that they will not drop from Giran Prison and Dragon Raids, as some examples.

What do I do with them?

Each player will determine their own value of the feathers and what they want to do with them. Feathers have no weight and will accumulate as you play the game normally when hunting in normal zones. When interacting with the inhabitants of the Questionable Town, you'll notice that they're quite interested in these items, and are willing to part with a whole range of items for them, some useful, some cosmetic and some fantastic. Explore the village and determine what works for you.

How do I get to the Questionable Town?

Double-click a feather! That's all it takes. Using a feather will teleport you to the Questionable Town. The Questionable Town has the same safety and restrictions as a trade village such as Giran's (GTZ): Players cannot be mass teleported away; summons, pets, tames and pine wands are not allowed in this zone. You are as safe and welcome here as you are in trade villages. Need a quick AFK? The cost is only one feather!

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