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Last Killer:    Scarlet
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Royal: 14 || Knight: 45 || Elf: 30 || Wizard: 48 || Dark Elf: 4 || Dragon Knight: 4 || Illu: 7

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Server Updates July 18, 2024


Server Updates July 14, 2024


Server Updates July 8, 2024


Server Updates July 7, 2024

About This Server

We are happy to announce that after more than 1 year, and hundreds of hours of development, we've successfully updated the existing l1j-en codebase to support the next client version 3.63! We've taken one of the most stable, and bug free versions of Lineage and made it better. With the addition of the Lineage 3.63 client and an adherence to the core Lineage values, the possibilities are endless. We've dedicated ourselves to this amazing community to provide a stable and long term server full of fun without heavy customizations. Take a moment to read our Mission Statement and Server Features and make a decision to play here for the amazing journey headed your way!


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In game chat will not be heavily policed. However, extreme toxicity can include chat, forum, or even account ban. The L1Justice team have dedicated many hours to bring you what we believe to be the best Lineage private server ever; we will not tolerate the types of people that ruin the game for others. Be an adult, use your judgement, and this won't be an issue for you.


We strive to bring you the most balanced PvP experience to date. Several known deficiencies have already been addressed, and we will continue to monitor for any imperfections that are found in the gameplay. We also understand that PvP isn't for everyone. We have, and plan to continually improve your PvE experiences as well.


You won't find any place to enjoy Lineage that matches our zero exploitation policy. Cheating is actively monitored by scripts and staff alike. Every line of code has been examined and modified by our team, and we welcome you to test out just how good we really are.


We understand that Lineage, and what you love about it, is why you choose to play the game. We invite you to try out some of our updates, as we have implemented some changes that we feel you will enjoy just as much. We wanted to bring you the same version of Lineage that you so love, while adding our own touches without altering the original integrity of the game.

Lineage 1 Justice Private Server

You don't get to be great without a castle...