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Who uses items anyway?

Rune System (New Equipment Slot)

The magicians in the secret laboratory of the Ivory Tower found that in the dungeon of Talking Island of the past, there were relics used by warriors and heroes with hidden ancient mysterious magical powers. If you carry these items, you will gain incredible power. Therefore, the magicians of the ivory tower processed these items into small bags and distributed them to the warriors of Aden.

The Runes System completes the final open inventory slot in the Lineage Client 3.63! This will expand in the near future as we progress through the newer clients and open more rune slots; however, the existing runes are obtainable through the Hardin's Quest! By completing this quest you can obtain the Runes as a reward for completing the quest up to three (3) times a day. You can also obtain the Sealed Runes!

Each Rune obtained has different attributes and bonuses given when you equip them. The runes can only be equipped for a short duration and will disappear then their alloted time expires! To see what each rune does, you can view the runes through the Database lookup system under RUNES.

When you obtain a Sealed Rune from the Hardin's quest you will need to unseal it. Unfortunately, the runes can't be stored and they disappear after 30 minuutes if they are not unsealed. You will need to speak to Hugrint on Talking Island to obtain the Breath Of Magic! She will cautiously sell you the item that you will need. This power breath of magic is used to unseal the runes to be used and equipped as normal! The runes timer only goes down while the rune is equipped.

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