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The Land of Hidden Dragons

Antharas Reward Map -> The Land of Hidden Dragons

When the Antharas Raid is defeated, the portal to the Land of Hidden Dragons opens in Werldern (33726, 32506). This hunting zone will be open for 24 hours after the time that Antharas is defeated. If this map is already open, and Antharas is defeated again, the 24-hour time window does not change. The map will close after 24 hours, and Antharas will need to be defeated again for it to be opened.

Players can enter this zone at level 30, however it is recommended to be level 60+ to effectively level here. Should you wish to adventure at a lower level, enter the Dwarf Village. This zone is the lowest difficulty. This reward map focuses on high exp and and really high spawn rate of monsters making solo leveling very difficult. This map was designed for party hunting, and as such there is a Bonus applied to parties with 3 or more players. To receive the bonus, there must be atleast 3 different classes in the party and be active on the screen at all times.

This map is intended to accomodate a wide variety of play styles and levels. Some areas have monsters that you can solo at level 30, while other areas have monsters that can only be defeated by a group of level 65+ players.

Party Bonus: 200% (Updated Feb 12, 2020).

This large hunting zone is divided into multiple hunting zones, with varying difficulty. The zones available for teleport are listed below for comparison:

Dwarven Village:
Land of Earth:
Land of Fire:
Land of Water:
Land of Wind:
Tomb Of Dragons (North / South):
Valley of the Blue Sky:

Hunting Zone Comparison - Level 76 Mage, Elf, DE

Land of Hidden Dragons (Valley of Blue Sky - Difficulty: High)
  • .048% with party of 3
  • .055% without party

Note: The mobs in the new zone are higher level, more health points and much harder to kill and farm. While the (grouping) EXP is better than solo (grouping) EXP in Giran Prison, its extremely difficult and slower. Overall, it is viable to solo hunt for Adena and somewhat decent EXP.. the real benefit comes with Party Hunting. With a party of 3 or more different classes all contributing, the monsters die just as fast as solo hunting in GP and the large area allows for moving around to different zones making it more effective to group hunt here, than solo in GP.

Giran Prison (4th Floor Big Room)
  • .014% with party
  • .034% without party

Note: The mobs in GP die faster than Hidden Dragon lands when solo, but there is no benefit to party hunting because the added party members do not benefit killing speed enough to warrant the party distribution of the EXP.
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