Lineage Justice

Quests (Daily)

Daily quests that can be completed multiple times.

Hardin's Quest

The Wizard Hardin faced significant challenges in the past of Talking Island with the evil Baphomet! Hardin made a difficult choice and sacrified his friend Kerenis in the process of sealing Baphomet in the 2nd Floor of the Talking Island Caves.

With the magic of Ivory Tower it is now possible to travel to the past to witness and face the trials of Baphomet as of the past. You will withness Hardin's quest and journey and try to understand what happened by obtaining pieces of Hardin's missing journal.

Speak to Yurie on Talking Island to receive the Jar of Time and Space and open it daily to receive Bead of Time and Space (3) which is used to teleport to the Ivory Tower Secret Research Lab where you will meet Yukie.

Quest Requirements:


The adeventurers that wish to seek answers from the past of Talking Island and venture forth the challenges of the dungeon may speak to Yukie with a party of 4 - 5 players. You will be transported to the past with your party members to meet Hardin in the Dungeon to fight your way through to the sealing of Baphomet.

If you are lucky enough to obtain a Sealed Rune from the monsters in the dungeon you will have 30 minutes to unseal it! You can visit Hugrint on Talking Island to obtain the Breath Of Magic required to complete the unsealing.

Completing the dungeon daily will allow you to obtain (by chance), the missing pages from Hardin's Journal. There are 10 pages that are required to create the completed Hardin's Journal. Once you have all 10 pages you will need to once again visit Yurie who will be able to finalize the process.

Hardin's Journal Entries:

Once you succesfully restored the Hardin's Journal from the Talking Island of the Past through Hardin's Quest you will be able to read all of his journal notes in one place. Reading the journal normally will tell the tales of his existence.. but this is not the true value of the journal. The true value of the journal is its knowledge in the creation of the Hidden Demon Weapons by ritual. You must seek the knowledge from the magical runes in the 2F of the Talking Island Dungeon. Bring the journal here, and find the runes.. speak to the runes and then again read the journal.. you will gain the knowledge to start the ritual and obtain the Hidden Demon Weapon of your choice!

With the release of Hardin's quest comes the introduction of the original based-on-live-server Hidden Demon Weapons which are obtainable by turning in the Hardin's Journal !

Hidden Demon Items:

Quick Crafting Instructions:

  • Obtain Jar of Time and Space from Yurie on TI
  • Open the Jar to receive the Bead of Time and Space
  • Use the Bead to go to the Ivory Tower Research Lab
  • Complete Hardin's quest to obtain Hardin's Secret Pouch
  • Open the pouch and collect all 10 pages of Hardin's Journal
  • Speak to Yurie to combine the pages into Hardin's Journal
  • Find the Magical Rune on the 2F of Talking Island Dungeon
  • Read Hardin's Journal and craft the Hidden Demon Weapon of Choice!

Good luck!

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