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Name: Zenith Queen
Level: 45 EXP: 2026 AC: -50 Lawful: -70 Karma: 0
MR: 88 HP: 3278 MP: 250 HP Regen: 180 MP Regen: 75
Strength: 55 Constitution: 18 Dexterity: 45 Intelligence: 18 Wisdom: 18 Range: 1
Size: large Weakness: None Tameable: No Type: Normal Can TU: No Can Erase: Yes
Teleports: No Aggro: Yes Poly Aggro: Yes Invis Aggro: Yes Posion Attack: Yes Paralysis Attack: No
Hard: No Doppel: No Can Res: No Damage Reduction: 0 Pick Up Items: No Digests Items: No
Boss Spawn Location Cycle LocX LocY
Tower of Insolence 10F Oren 32798 32798