Weekend Mini-Event

Welcome to the Weekend Mini-Event! There are two events running, the poly event, and a repeat of the Valentines Ring event (see below for full details). Our goal is to have some Weekend Mini-Events to keep things interesting, which will be changed up over time. Larger main events will last longer, and have better rewards.

Poly Event:

Each player can visit Wizard Merlin in Giran-x to obtain a free Polymorph of any level! Players have the option of purchasing Polymorph scrolls that can be cast on themselves from Merlin. These scrolls are too powerful; Merlin has only been able to create them in stacks of 10 without doing significant damage.

Extra Ring Slot:

During this weekend event, everyone will be able to wear their normal rings and an event ring! Each player will get to experience the extra ring slot during the event. At the conclusion of the event, all rings will be unequipped, and the event rings will be removed from the game.

How To Participate:

Visit Lord Valentine in Oren Town (Warp 5) near Snapper, to initiate the quest. After much dialogue confessing his love, you will receive a Letter from Lord Valentine with a request that you deliver it to his missing fiance, Sarah. She who was last seen in the Twilight Mountains! She is profecient in the Polymorphism ability and was able to hide herself as a Giant. To seek out Sarah, you must discover where she is hiding! Attack the giants and you will eventually reveal Lord Valentines lost love, Sarah. Speak to her to receive the final quest item, bring it back to Lord Valentine to complete the final step of the repeatable quest and receive a reward!

Event Rewards:

Unique rewards are what makes this event interesting! You will soon receive one of three rings from Lord Valentine. Each ring has either 1, 2 or 3 random and unique properties to that item. These properties are completely random, and can not be duplicated. If you get a +1 STR as the first property, the next properties will not affect Strength. Spend as much time, or as little time as you wish in Twilight Mountains hunting Giants and gambling rings! Those that wish to gamble their time for a unique ring, could get a 10% Bonus to Experience!